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The real meaning of Barcelona - Gowithoh

Oh-Barcelona.com get their trousers off on the metro

Oh-Barcelona.com were letting their Pants down last Sunday. We took the change and participated in the Falshmob “No Pants Subway Ride”. Us and about 200 other crazy people took a Metro ride without our trousers on and provoke quite different reactions amount unaware passengers. Read on to find out how the day went.

Barcelona in spring – advice, accommodation and activities

Barcelona in spring provides the perfect blend of sun, sea, sand and must- see events. Find out how the city comes into full bloom, with excellent dining, culture, weather and shopping.

Weather in Barcelona

Planning on visiting Barcelona? Not sure whether to pack your sunglasses or your waterproofs? This article will answer your questions. See what the temperature in Barcelona is like right now through a live web cam and check out the average sun and rainfall.

12 reasons to visit Barcelona in 2012

Planning a trip but don’t know where to go? How do you like the sound of the Sagrada Família, F1 races, local street parties, Mt Tibidabo, FC Barcelona, beaches, La Mercè and more! There are so many reasons why you should come to Barcelona in 2012…

Barcelona Events – Barcelona Summer Week 2010

This festival is one of Barcelona's best parties with an incredbile line up, beach parties, all-night clubs. What more could you want?